Monday, November 19, 2012

Breakfast Salad

I've been reading Born to Run, a book about a tribe of super runners in Mexico, and I feel inspired to live healthier. I like running, but not to the degree that I'll take off for 20 miles for the heck of it. What I'd really like to work on is my eating habits. I can feel little Tedster's eyes on me when I'm having a snack or making a meal, and I know that I have a short amount of time left before I have to set a good example. Goodbye Poptarts, goodbye Diet Cherry Pepsi, goodbye Swedish Fish.

Anywho, the book talked about how eating like the Tarahumara leads to more energy and stronger athletic ability. The author talked about the benefits of getting your daily vegetable intake in at the start of the day. Somehow, this made a lot of sense to me when I was reading it last night, and I tried a breakfast salad this morning.

Fail. My salad greens from last week's farm share were a little wilty, and then the apple I added in for texture ended up being mealy. I thought Ranch dressing might defeat the purpose of the breakfast salad, so I was going to try some balsamic. Only I didn't have balsamic, so I opted for Apple Cider Vinegar instead.

Long story short, I had to toss the majority of the salad and ended up with a bowl of Trix about an hour later. Since I've already blown my goal for the day, I think I'll just snack on some cheddar popcorn and buy a soda. When do I realistically need to start setting an example anyway?

Anyone have hints for a great and healthy breakfast (but not a smoothie with kale...just how that looks grosses me out)? Should I look into hiding snack foods around my house for when Teddy is bigger and I'm hungry?

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